International Conference on Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Semiconductors

Posted on 9th March 2024 in Events, Interest Groups

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  • Date: August 4 - August 8, 2024
  • Time: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • Location: University of Manchester, UK
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ICANS30 returns to the UK for the 4th time in its history, and in the year marking the 200th anniversary of The University of Manchester. Attendees will experience an exciting scientific and cultural programme, blending the scientific history and heritage of the conference and its host (Manchester), with the leading areas of research within the scientific programme. The ICANS30 programme is strengthened by the UK EPSRC Materials for Quantum Network (M4QN,, the Roadmap for Applications of Implanted Single Impurities Network (RAISIN, and the Henry Royce Institute Atoms to Devices (A2D) Research Theme ( who join us for what is sure to be a memorable conference.

Visit the conference website ( for more information and to register.

Abstract submissions are being accepted for the following areas:

Symposium A: Materials Modelling, Simulation & Characterisation

  • A1 – Electronic Defects & Transport
  • A2 – Advanced Models of Electronic Properties
  • A3 – Simulation of Device Behaviour
  • A4 – Advanced Characterisation Methods & Techniques

Symposium B: Materials Discovery, Modification & Functionalisation

  • B1 – Nanoscale Semiconductors
  • B2 – 2D Materials
  • B3 – Wide Bandgap Materials
  • B4 – Amorphous Semiconductors
  • B5 – Si Thin Film
  • B6 – Perovskite & Organic Materials
  • B7 – Defect and Impurity Engineering
  • B8 – Thin Film Growth & Deposition

Symposium C: Electronic & Photonic Devices

  • C1 – Photodetectors & Photovoltaics
  • C2 – Coherent & Incoherent Sources
  • C3 – Single Photon Sources
  • C4 – Thin Film Transistor Technologies
  • C5 – Photonic Waveguide Technologies
  • C6 – Memory Devices & Technologies
  • C7 – Quantum Devices
  • C8 – Plasmonic Systems & Devices
  • C9 – Low-loss electronics
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