2D Materials. Materials Horizon Scanning. Molecular Materials. Semiconductors and Photonics. Solid State Defects. Spin and Topology. Advocacy and Policy. Early Career Researchers. Industry and Knowledge Transfer. International Engagement. Outreach and Education. Training and Skills Base.


Cryogenic confocal microscopy; Continuous wave laser spectroscopy; Single emitter characterisation; Single photon detection and characterisation; Atomic trapping and manipulation.

Scientific focus and expertise:

Experimental quantum optics; Nanofabrication; Molecular crystal growth; Quantum photonics.


Organic molecules; Carbon defects in silicon; 2D materials; Rare-earth ions; Quantum photonics; Semiconductors.

Quantum technologies:

I create devices used for single photon generation and manipulation. These include the use of single emitters and nonlinear optical systems. They can be used for a huge range of quantum technologies including imaging, sensing, communication, computing and simulation.