Amirreza Ataei

Founder and CEO at Chemia Discovery Inc.

Interest groups

Material interest groups

Materials Horizon Scanning. Semiconductors and Photonics. Solid State Defects. Spin and Topology. Superconductors. System Level Materials.

Thematic interest groups

Industry and Knowledge Transfer. Training and Skills Base.


High-throughput quantum material synthesis platform, cryo-frunace, microfurnace network, characterization network

Scientific focus and expertise

material discovery, thermal conductivity, magnetic characterization, electric transport measurement, dilatometry measurements, electrochemical measurements


strongly correlated electron systems, quantum materials, superconductors, quantum dots, thermoelectric, high-entropy alloys, kagome materials, topological insulators, single crystals, polycrystals

Quantum technologies

Material characterization, low temperature characterization, high-throughput synthesis, high-throughput characterization, defect engineering

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