2D Materials. Materials Horizon Scanning. Molecular Materials. Semiconductors and Photonics. Solid State Defects. System Level Materials. .


External quantum efficiency system, internal quantum efficiency system, probe station (vacuum and N2/Ar/temperature control), glovebox integrated thermal evaporators, glovebox integrated sputter, solar simulator, UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer, LED external quantum efficiency system, absolute quantum yield system, electrochemical workstations, 20W NIR laser, high-speed centrifuge

Scientific focus and expertise:

Materials modeling (DFT), atomic-resolution microscopy characterizations, LED devices, PV devices, phototransistors, and image sensor design, fabrication, and integration.


High k ceramics, 2D materials, quantum dots, and quantum wells (III-V, II-VI)

Quantum technologies:

Image sensing, quantum computing, and communications.