2D Materials. Materials Horizon Scanning. Semiconductors and Photonics. Solid State Defects. Spin and Topology. Advocacy and Policy. Industry and Knowledge Transfer. International Engagement. Outreach and Education. Training and Skills Base.


Deposition Systems (III-V Semiconductor; Topological Materials; Metals; Organics; Oxides) Micro/Nano fabrication Cleanroom Terahertz Photonics Laboratory

Scientific focus and expertise:

Terahertz systems and their applications (including both pulsed and continuous-wave systems) Terahertz quantum cascade lasers Semiconductor growth and fabrication Semiconductor devices


Semiconductors, Topological materials; 2D Materials; (Magnetic materials)

Quantum technologies:

The development of materials and devices for quantum applications, and the study of the interactions of quantum devices with terahertz frequency radiation.