Mr chris phillips

Professor of Physics at Imperial College Physics Dept.,

Interest groups

Material interest groups

2D Materials. Semiconductors and Photonics. Solid State Defects.

Thematic interest groups

Industry and Knowledge Transfer. Outreach and Education.


s-SNOM nanoscale chemical mapping microscopy.

Scientific focus and expertise

Spectroscopy, Bioimaging, Medical Equipment, Nanoscopy, Plasmonics, Quantum Imaging


Semiconductors mostly

Quantum technologies

Quantum Imaging with Entangled Photons. Non-linear Metasurfaces for entangled pair generation at Novel Wavelengths, and with enhanced spectral agility. We are affiliated with QUANTIC", the Glasgow Quantum Imaging Hub and get funding through that channel. I am the PI with Rupert OUlton, Myungshik Kim, Martin McCall and Alex Calark as Co-I's.

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