Dr Craig Barton

Senior Research Scientist at National Physical Laboratory

Interest groups

Material interest groups

2D Materials. Materials Horizon Scanning. Spin and Topology.

Thematic interest groups

Advocacy and Policy. Industry and Knowledge Transfer. International Engagement. Outreach and Education. Training and Skills Base.


Scanning Nitrogen Vacancy microscopy : Quantum sensing of small (<10mT) magnetic fields at the nanoscale with high spatial resolution. Magnetic Force Microscopy: qualitative and quantitative Scanning ThermoElectric Microscopy:Imaging of thermoelectric phenomena at the nanoscale via local thermal gradients.

Scientific focus and expertise

magnetic characterisation (Magnetometry, Magnetic resonance) Magnetic (and other physical properties) microscopy Imaging of nanoscale electrical currents in 2D materials. Micromagnetic Modelling


Magnetic thin films Magnetic 2D materials (FeGeTe/CrTe)

Quantum technologies


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