Prof Peter Beton

Professor of Physics at University of Nottingham

Interest groups

Material interest groups

2D Materials. Materials Horizon Scanning. Molecular Materials. Semiconductors and Photonics. Solid State Defects. Spin and Topology.

Thematic interest groups

Advocacy and Policy. Industry and Knowledge Transfer. Training and Skills Base.


Scanning probe microscopy Epitaxial growth van der Waals heterostructure fabrication Nanofabrication facilities

Scientific focus and expertise

Properties of adsorbed molecular and supramolecular monolayers; growth of 2D materials including III-VI semiconductors, graphene, boron nitride; fabrication of hybrid 2D/molecular hybrid devices; molecular adsorption and organisation on the surfaces of 2D materials.


2D materials (graphene, boron nitride, black phosphorus, III-VI semiconductors) Organic molecules, supramolecular arrays stabilised by non-covalent bonding van der Waals heterostructure tunnelling devices

Quantum technologies

Communication, computing

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