Developing a roadmap for materials for quantum

Posted on 15th May 2024 in Advocacy and Policy, News

The Materials for Quantum Network (M4QN) held its Roadmap Event on 8-9 January 2024. This meeting brought together the quantum technologies and materials research communities to identify the future needs of quantum in the UK over the next 10 years. The event was in partnership with the Henry Royce Institute and was facilitated by the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM). About 80 experts from across academia, industry and policy in the UK attended.

A conference room with about 80 people seated at round tables, listening to a speaker standing in front of a very large sheet of paper covered in sticky notes.
Roadmap attendees early in the mapping process, identifying the key challenges and their timelines.

What is the Roadmap?

The roadmap identifies the challenges for the development of materials for two quantum application areas: computing, and sensing and imaging. This includes not just the materials used for qubits but also the supporting materials e.g., glues, adhesives etc. It links the capabilities and materials to science and to applications.

The challenges are grouped along a timeline: for now, the next 5 years and the next 10 years. The roadmap also identifies key performance parameters which will be used for mapping current and expected future performance.

The roadmap will help to inform where funding is needed from government to develop materials for quantum. It will identify common enablers and barriers to developing quantum technologies e.g. skills.


A group of experts discussing around a table.
Splitting into small groups to prioritise the challenges identified.

What happens next?

IfM, the facilitators of the event, will combine all inputs into a draft document, which will be sent to the network for review in late Spring/early Summer 2024. Publication plans to follow.

Two experts, one speaking into a mike, stand in front of a wall covered with posters, sticky notes and diagrams.
Nicky Athanassopoulou from the IfM and Phil Dolan of Nu Quantum discuss the results of one of the focus groups into a specific material challenge.
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